Conduct 3 days onsite training and mentorship of health workers among selected facilities to provide KP/PP friendly services.

Adrivuyo Uganda continue to use cost effective approaches in health system strengthening using onsite training and mentorship of health workers in understanding key populations and providing key populations friendly services in Uganda. A total of 356 health workers were trained in 3 days onsite training and mentorship in 15 districts among 23 health facilities. The trainings� main goal was to equip health workers with knowledge and skills of handling key and vulnerable populations at facility and community level as well reducing stigmatizing health workers and facilities. The trainings were conducted in partnership with AIDS Control Program under MoH of Uganda.

Wycliff Musinguzi

Our Programs

Access to Justice for the Poor, Marginalised and Vulnerable People of Uganda

The concept of poverty can be defined as a multidimensional phenomenon that includes as one of its components chronic social, political and economic inequality or a human condition characterized by the sustained or chronic deprivation of resources, capabilities, choices and power necessary for the enjoyment of an adequate standard of living and other civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights.

TB, Human Rights & Advocacy

What we do

The organization since inception has been at the forefront of providing SRHs among young people using social change approaches. We focus on awareness on non-communicable diseases NDCs, water and sanitation WASH, Immunization and Nutritional Support INS; social economic empowerment through enterprise development assistance (EDA), girl child second chance education, community policing and sensitization on constitutional rights Advocacy for Better health (ABH); research and documentation (RD) and private sector engagement (PSE). The organization also provide comprehensive HTS services among key, priority vulnerable populations in Uganda.

Our Performance

Capacity Building Intervention

. Adrivuyo Uganda conducted 5 district-based trainings for single and girls living with HIV and key populations in providing comprehensive sexual reproductive health services- SRH with focus on gender-based violence for vulnerable young girls and women. The training reached 108 participants of the targeted 120 and participants were provided with data capture tools in Busia, Luwero, Hoima, Oyam and Bushenyi. The 3 days training was implemented in partnership with Ministry of health and local network partners for 3 days in each district. This training is part of strategic sustainability of project interventions and behavior change.

Conduct integrated targeted outreach for key populations and priority populations

Conduct integrated targeted outreach for key populations and priority populations (FSW, MSM, PWID and other priority populations; TB screening, STIs screening, Circumcision, family planning, health information education, herm reduction counseling, post abortion care and condom education and distribution). Services provided during outreaches included; (HIV testing treatment and car, STIs screening and treatment, SGBV screening, PrEP screening and start, TB screening and treatment, referral and linkages and peer to peer education) through hot spot programing and targeted populations. This activity was conducted in partnership with PNFPs and peer educators among Key and vulnerable populations through hotspot programing. Outcome level (HIV-TST 4390, TB screening, VMMC 1605, STIs screening 3671 and HIVST 20970). For details refer to next page.


Access to Justice for the Poor, Marginalised and Vulnerable People of Uganda

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