Why Adrivuyo Uganda

Uganda has the youngest population in the world, with 77% of its population being under 30 years of age. Young people are disproportionately affected by the countrys problems such as poverty, poor health and lack of economic opportunities, unemployment and lack of employable skills. They are consistently excluded from important decision-making processes that affect them. Span Advocacy for Rights of vulnerable Youth Uganda believes that young people have the energy, creativity and will to do things differently in their lifetime. They are an asset to the development of their countries and communities and with the right guidance and support can become influential leaders of positive change. With this situation Adrivuyo with your support will continue to promote meaningful involvement of vulnerable young people in Uganda through collective innovations skills development and challenge restrictive laws and becoming advocates of social change in Uganda.

Our Core Values

Our Target Population, Interventions, Community & Health Rights

Our Strategies & Interventions

The organization since inauguration employsyoung peoplecentered approach to projects implementation that is bottom-up and holistic, focusing on skills development; social economic empowerment, use of ICT as well as systematic change in policy and practice towards a more supportive environment for youth-led development. We deliver grassroots programmes through peer champions mechanisms The organization also creates network of young leaders, supporting them to progress in their careers and be champions of youth-led development. We also support governments and policymakers to engage young people in the decisions that affect them. In addition, we build the capacity of other organisations to work more effectively with and for young people. We also conduct operational research, and generate evidence to share our experience with theglobal youth sector to ensure we are serving youth in the most coordinated and impactful way possible.

Our Target Populations

Adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in urban and peri urban areas; vulnerable children, Refugees and their host communities (RHC); Persons with Disabilities (PWDs); Ghetto youth and street children (GYSC) and Prisoners living with HIV and AID and general population of young people.

Community Justice Programmes

ADRIVUYO Uganda works to achieve social justice and social transformation knowing the positive changes we create will outlive any of our projects, programs, or organizations.

Advocacy for Health Rights

ADRIVUYO is a health rights advocacy organization in Uganda dedicated to raising awareness of the human rights aspects of health, and improving the quality of health and healthcare for all Ugandans.

Community Approach

Grounded in a rights-based approach, mobilizes health professionals, in collaboration with communities, to be health rights advocates promoting equity and social justice for all Ugandans, with a particular focus on marginalized and vulnerable populations.