Conduct integrated targeted outreach for key populations and priority populations

(FSW, MSM, PWID and other priority populations; TB screening, STIs screening, Circumcision, family planning, health information education, herm reduction counseling, post abortion care and condom education and distribution). Services provided during outreaches included; (HIV testing treatment and car, STIs screening and treatment, SGBV screening, PrEP screening and start, TB screening and treatment, referral and linkages and peer to peer education) through hot spot programing and targeted populations. This activity was conducted in partnership with PNFPs and peer educators among Key and vulnerable populations through hotspot programing. Outcome level (HIV-TST 4390, TB screening, VMMC 1605, STIs screening 3671 and HIVST 20970). For details refer to next page.

Print and distribute information and education material, (Posters, fact sheets, T-shirts)

In the year 2020/21 the embanked-on popularizing and promoting organization interventions at national and community level. The organization developed and printed a number of IECM (T-shirts 400, posters 4500 fact sheets 6000) were among members and community key stakeholders). These materials were used to disseminate information with key messages on increasing access SRHR/HIV services, prevention of COVID 19 messaging among young girls, preventing unwanted pregnancies among girls in schools, prevention of crime among youth in urban areas among other organization cores areas of interventions.tion>