Conduct 3 training of peer educators among single mothers and young girls living with HIV

Adrivuyo Uganda conducted 5 district-based trainings for single and girls living with HIV and key populations in providing comprehensive sexual reproductive health services- SRH with focus on gender-based violence for vulnerable young girls and women. The training reached 108 participants of the targeted 120 and participants were provided with data capture tools in Busia, Luwero, Hoima, Oyam and Bushenyi. The 3 days training was implemented in partnership with Ministry of health and local network partners for 3 days in each district. This training is part of strategic sustainability of project interventions and behavior change.

Conduct 3 days onsite training and mentorship of health workers among selected facilities to provide KP/PP friendly services

Adrivuyo Uganda continue to use cost effective approaches in health system strengthening using onsite training and mentorship of health workers in understanding key populations and providing key populations friendly services in Uganda. A total of 356 health workers were trained in 3 days onsite training and mentorship in 15 districts among 23 health facilities. The trainings’ main goal was to equip health workers with knowledge and skills of handling key and vulnerable populations at facility and community level as well reducing stigmatizing health workers and facilities. The trainings were conducted in partnership with AIDS Control Program under MoH of Uganda.

Conduct 1 day training of law enforcement officers in protection and promotion of health rights for key and vulnerable populations in 5 selected districts

Adrivuyo Uganda continues to build resilient community structures and enabling environment for provision of key and vulnerable populations friendly services at community and district level. The training mainly focused on facilitating law enforcement officers in understanding who are key populations, why key populations, creating enabling environment at their places of work for HIV prevention and legal environment surrounding key populations as well health rights.The meeting reached 150 participants (LC1, police, prisons and army representatives) in Mbarara, Kanungu, Lyantonde, Kabale and Bushenyi Districts. the meetings are key in promoting free service environment despite the unfriendly legal environment surrounding key populations in Uganda. Orientation of law enforcement agencies like police on KP public health response/ Gender sensitivity to reduce violence /SGV and create an enabling environment for KP service delivery is key millstone in providing key populations friendly services.

Orient 6 network CSOs registered under Adrivuyo Uganda in resource mobilization and institutional development at regional levels.

The organization continue to build the capacity of local CSOs through its network members composed of a network of local CSOs in 6 regions in Uganda. For western Uganda Kanungu Women Health and Empowerment Initiative –(KWHEI), Northern Uganda Action 4 Health empowerment Initiative- (A4HEI), Based in Oyam Districts, Adrivuyo Uganda Action 4 health Empowerment Organization –(AA4HEO) based in Mbarara, Organization for Community empowerment-(OCE) based in Lyantonde and Alpha Female Empowerment Initiative (AFEI) based in Kampala. For Bunyoro Sub region, AIDs Challenging Club Based in Hoima. The organization work with and operate subscribe to towards achieving the common goal of empowering key and vulnerable populations in Uganda. Adrivuyo Uganda lead capacity building in resource mobilization, governance and legal process with their respective districts.

Monthly organization progress review meetings

On monthly basis it a pressure to report that staff members were able to compile and share detrimental, administration progress reports. This created a platform where members shared key projects outcomes realised in the month. These meetings were organized at office board room and were attended by all staff and the executive director. Key outcomes of the meeting were; discussing progress made in resource mobilization. Implementation’s strategies good practices met during project implementation, key partnerships made at community and local level, planning for the next month activities as well sharing key achievements in the month. The meeting has been a cornerstone in building team work and capacity building for staff in different programming areas.

Conducted biannual board meetings

The board meeting was significant in steering the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies. It was role of the board to ensure, Adrivuyo has adequate resources to forester its mission. The meetings also served as review of the organization progress at community level, linking with line ministries for technical support and oversight role to the entire organization activities as well laid strategies for organization sustainability. The board of directors sat two times and other 2 special meeting were held to approve organization policies and procurement of some items for the organization.

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